We’re currently supporting the Bed Every Night campaign to help end the need for rough sleeping across Greater Manchester by 2020.

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Together we have raised £646,000

The Mayor’s Homelessness Fund was launched in May 2017. Money raised for this, which had not been allocated when the Charity launched,
was transferred to the Charity and the Homelessness fund closed down on May 6, 2019.

How you can help.

With your help, there will be a bed every night for every single person who sleeps rough in Greater Manchester. And it will be more than just a bed – as well as a roof over their heads, they will have a hot meal, a hot shower, and someone who can give them help and support to move off the streets and into a home where they have dignity, hope and a future.

Make a real difference.

This is not a sticking plaster – your money helps people get into temporary accommodation regularly throughout the year. This means people who have been sleeping rough can get off the streets and also get the help they need to stay off them for good. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a real difference.


Will pay for a hot evening meal in a shelter for someone who would otherwise have slept on the streets.


Will pay for bedding and toiletries for a homeless person.


Will pay for someone to have a hot evening meal, a safe bed for the night and someone to talk to so they can get off and stay off the streets.

Anthony's story

Anthony was living in a tent and thought he was going to die some nights. He would wake up and be unable to walk because of the cold. He’s now received help through the Social Impact Bond (SIB), has a place of his own and is positive about his future again.

Watch the video to hear Anthony’s story in his own words

Michal’s story

Michal was living on the streets before he got help from the SIB, which helps the most entrenched rough sleepers access accommodation and ongoing support.

Watch the video to find out from Michal the difference it’s made.

More than 130 of our people Hundreds of people have found secure, safe and dignified accommodation through this unique collaboration of partners helping the most vulnerable members of our community.

Now more people who sleep rough will be able to access support through the introduction of the Housing First, a major scheme which will radically transform the lives of hundreds of people on the streets.

A Bed Every Night will ensure that those people who are sleeping rough and most in need will be able to access these new services, by getting help at their time of greatest need. It’s more than not just an overnight stay, it’s a pathway off the streets for good.

Who we have helped so far

The Mayor’s Homelessness Fund, which opened in May 2017, supported a number of projects working with homeless people. The Fund was closed in May 2019 and any unallocated money transferred to the Mayor’s Charity where it will continue to support homelessness projects. Some of the people helped by the Fund talk about what the support meant to them.