Welcome to the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity. This is an independent charity, endorsed and supported by our Mayor, with the aim of making a positive difference to major social issues facing our city region.


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Together we have raised £646,000

The Mayor’s Homelessness Fund was launched in May 2017. Money raised for this, which had not been allocated when the Charity launched,
was transferred to the Charity and the Homelessness fund closed down on 7 May 2019.

Welcome to the Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity

Our focus is on the issues the people of Greater Manchester care about, with a particular priority of homelessness. We are currently supporting the Bed Every Night campaign, which aims to end the need for rough sleeping across our region.

A message from our patron, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham - “Welcome to the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity, independently raising money for important causes across our city region. It won’t surprise you to know that, as the current Mayor of Greater Manchester, homelessness and rough sleeping is a top priority for me. So I'm delighted that funds raised through the charity will support this, and our A Bed Every Night campaign, where we aim to find somewhere for everybody to go every night of the week.”

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The Mayor’s Homelessness Fund, which opened in May 2017, supported a number of projects working with homeless people. The Fund was closed in May 2019 and any unallocated money transferred to the Mayor’s Charity where it will continue to support homelessness projects. Some of the people helped by the Fund talk about what the support meant to them.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 poses a serious threat to the Greater Manchester community. Most of us have a roof over our head and access to fresh water to wash our hands, but we’re not all that lucky.

Those sleeping rough and homeless in our region need your help. They need to be able to self-isolate, to keep themselves and others in our community safe. We need donations to make this happen. It’s never been more important to show that in Greater Manchester we don’t walk on by.

Whatever you can give will make a huge difference in stopping the spread of this deadly virus.

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